What to Expect

As a Buyer

How Do You Want Us To Work With You?

Once you have met with your lender and have a good idea of the price range for your new home, we will sit down with you and begin the process. You will need to decide how you want The Wall Team to work with you – as buyer’s agents or as transaction brokers. We will explain the differences and prepare the agreement for everyone to sign. Once we have clarified that, we will start looking at potential properties by way of the computer.

View Homes You Might Like to Buy

Once you have selected a few of the possible homes, we will decide on a time to go out and look at the homes. The Wall Team will schedule our tour and provide you with written information on each of the homes.

Make an Offer on a Home

Once you have decided on a home, we will prepare an offer. This will contain not only the price you are offering, and all the other terms and conditions, dates and deadlines, and the other specifics for your purchase. Once presented, the seller can accept the offer, decline the offer, or get back to us with a counteroffer. This negotiation process can take a few hours or a few days.

Going Under Contract

Once the offer is accepted, we are “under contract”. The next step will be to schedule an inspection. You will select an inspector to go through your new home very thoroughly and give you a full report of any issues or conditions with the property. We will take that information and decide what things are of importance to you, and we once again negotiate with the seller about addressing those issues.

Title Work

During this period you will also receive title work which will show you the status of the current title to the property and what requirements will be made for you to receive good clean title and receive a title insurance policy.

Insurance, Utilities and More

As we go on, you will need to order your homeowner’s insurance, and arrange for the transfer of utilities to your name prior to closing. During this time, your lender will also be processing your loan, and you will receive final loan approval shortly before the closing.

This sounds like a lot, and that is why you are working with The Wall Team. We will guide you through the whole process and handle many of these details for you. We will keep you on track, making sure all deadlines are met.

Have a Happy Closing!

And all this leads to an easy, quick and happy closing. Now it is moving day!

As a Seller

The To-Do List

So you have decided it is time to sell your house – what happens next? The first thing is to have The Wall Team come to your house and give you an idea of what needs to be done before you put in on the market. During this visit, we will explain the relationships for working with you – as a seller’s agent, or as a transaction broker.

Two main things to remember are: DECLUTTER AND DISCLOSE

Attain a CMA From The Wall Team

We will also provide you with a comparative market analysis so we can decide on an appropriate asking price. This is a very important step, because overpricing your home can cause it to take much longer to sell and result in receiving a lower price in the long run. Underpricing can result in your receiving less than the optimum return.

Listing Agreement

Prior to putting the property on the market, we will sign the listing agreement. We will also measure all the rooms, take photos, and ask you a lot of questions about your home.

Listing Your Home

The Wall Team will put your home on the MLS, put up a yard sign, and in most cases place a lockbox near the door so the home will be available to be shown by other Realtors.

Showings, Showings, Showings

Now comes the difficult part. When someone wants to show your property, you will receive a call from our office telling you when they will be there – usually a span of 1-2 hours. So you always need to be ready for the house to be shown. You will need to be away from the home if at all possible. If you have pets, arrangements need to be made. They need to be safe and secure too. This period of time can be very trying, and communication with The Wall Team is very important.

Accept and Offer

Once we receive an offer, you can accept it, decline it, or submit a counteroffer. Once an agreement is reached, we are “under contract”. The next step will probably be an inspection, and once the buyer submits any issues they have with the inspection report, we will negotiate once again, indicating what you want to repair or replace, what you are not willing to do, or any compromises.


During this period, you will also receive information on the title to the property, and if there are any issues that require action on your part.

Dates & Deadlines

From here on, we will keep track of various dates and deadlines and make sure things are moving forward to a smooth closing