Getting Started


Pre-Approval From a Reputable Lender

If you are interested in buying – Your first two steps should be:

  • Contact a reputable lender and start the pre-qualification or pre-approval process.
  • Call The Wall Team at 303-709-7110, let us know what you are looking for and what your budget is for the home.

Take a Drive, Shop for a Home

It is always a good idea to drive around various neighborhoods and see what appeals to you – city or country, large yard or no yard, older home or newer home, modern or traditional, move-in ready or fixer upper. Just remember, the house you fall in love with may be totally different from what you expect. So be flexible and enjoy the process.


Talk To Us

If you are looking to sell your home – Your first step should be to call The Wall Team, and let us meet with you and get a chance to see your home. We will give an idea of work that may need to be done to make sure you get the highest possible price. We will also provide you with a comparative market analysis (CMA) which will give you information on other properties similar to yours that are on the market (your competition) and properties that have recently sold (the reality of the market). Using this information, we will decide on an asking price. It is important not to overprice your home, as it will take longer to sell, and you may end up getting less than the highest possible price.

Contact the Wall Team