Buying a Home: Where To Start

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you may in life, so being a little nervous and unsure about it is normal. Whether this is your first home, or you are an experienced buyer, your first step is to find an area where you want to live. The next decision should be to find the right Realtor to help you in the process.

Find a Lender

Your next step should be to talk with your lender and obtain a pre-qualification, or even better a pre-approval for the loan you will be requesting. Once you have done this, you and your Realtor can begin the search for a home, and the remaining steps will be taken by you and your Realtor together.

Be a Smart Home Buyer

The experience of buying a home can be very pleasant, fun and exciting. However, sometimes there are pitfalls or warning signs of trouble ahead. The Wall Team will guide you through these, and steer you away from “white water transactions” toward the “calm water” deals. That is the Realtor’s job, we have done it before, and know what to watch for.

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